About piCHEM

piCHEM is more than just a GMP supplier of a simple chain of amino acids.

We are a top producerof high-performance chemicals used in medical, biochemical,

and pharmaceutical R&D. piCHEM is your strong supportive partner towards every step on your route to success.


piCHEM has 24 years of expertise in the field of peptide chemistry, becoming a first choice supplier to the life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical communities.


  • High Quality Peptides: It is the main target of piCHEM to supply highest quality products quickly, cost-effectively and in close collaboration with its customers to guarantee the perfect solution
  • Networking:one of piCHEM's key competitive advantages is its excellence in collaborating with its customers. piCHEM is committed to various business cooperations and is a stakeholder of the  BioNanoNet, a network in the field of drug discovery.





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The sophisticated approach is our daily business.

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