Our Projects

Since its foundation in 1992 piCHEM is not only a contract supplier for active biopharmaceuticals (APIs). Our activites also include contract research for the pharmaceutical industry. Beside these main activities piCHEM is also engaged in a number of research projects in strong collaboration with industry and universities on an European level.


InnaVirVax_logo_s HIV Vaccine Development (2009-2011)

PDT-Kit (2005-2007) Project 810960
Dye labelled receptor active peptides for treatment of solid tumors by Photodynamic Therapy
NanoVIP (2005-2009) BII-253
Nanoparticulate delivery systems for pulmonary lung therapy

Development of tumor seeking molecules for radio-diagnosis and therapy - clinical cooperations within Austria / Italy / IAEA

MimoVAX EC Project FP6 (2006-2008) LSHB-CT-2006-037702